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Build: TK421
Bring your own ROMs!
These are the various things I've made that which you can download. Double click an item to load it up!
  Name Operating System Version
ROM Hacking Tools PHP 1.0
Relic Hunter Windows 1.0
Sonic Worlds Delta Windows 1.5.2
Downloadable Goodies
ROM Hacking Tools
These are the various things I've made for hacking ROMs. They all need to be run with PHP!
Ripper Library [PHP]
Updated 11/21/2010: Better handling of alpha transparency data in images.
Updated 10/11/2010: Support for 4BPP GBA graphics added.
A collection of functions I've commonly used in making level metatile ripping tools. Contains functions for reading words (both endians!), rendering graphics in the 4bpp format used by the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive and Game Boy Advance, and reading the palettes from those same systems.

Sonic 1/2/3K Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Updated 12/07/2010: Optimized code a bit. Now rips high and low plane versions of each metatile. Now relies on Ripper Library. Sonic 1 support somewhat functional! (thanks Mercury)
Rips 128x128 level metatiles from Gens savestates for Sonic 2/3K, and renders level layouts for Sonic 2. There was work on Sonic 1 support but it never got far. Requires libripper.php to run!

Sonic 1 Master System/Game Gear Ripper [PHP]
Rips 32x32 metatiles from the Sonic 1 SMS/GG ROM. You must provide your own 8x8 tiles!

Sonic Advance Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 96x96 metatiles from the Sonic Advance 1 ROM.

Sonic Advance 2 Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 96x96 metatiles from the Sonic Advance 2 ROM.

Sonic Advance 3 Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 96x96 metatiles from the Sonic Advance 3 ROM.

Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure/Colors Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Updated 11/11/2010: Some minor tweaks.
Rips 64x64 metatiles from decompressed files in Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, and Sonic Colors. You have to decompress the files yourself with a LZSS Decompressor utility!

Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure/Colors Level Parser [PHP]
Using the 64x64 metatile rips from the above tool, this generates complete level maps for stages in Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, and Sonic Colors. You have to decompress the files yourself with a LZSS Decompressor utility!

Socket: Time Dominator Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips level layouts from savestates of Socket (aka Time Dominator) in the form of 256x256 chunks.

Desert Demolition Metatile Ripper V2.0 [PHP]
All-new metatile ripper for Desert Demolition (Genesis), rips the 32x32 metatiles and the 512x256 level strips from Gens savestates of the Mexico level. Data inside the RAM of this game is terribly inconsistent...

High Seas Havoc Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 256x256 metatiles from Gens savestates of High Seas Havoc (aka Cap'n Havoc).

Blaster Master 2 Tile Ripper [PHP]
Scrapped project to rip metatiles from Blaster Master 2. It only rips sheets of 16x16 tiles from Gens savestates.

Buster's Hidden Treasure Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 32x32 and 256x256 metatiles from Gens savestates of Buster's Hidden Treasure.

Sparkster Metatile Ripper [PHP]
Rips 32x32 metatiles from Gens savestates of Sparkster (not the SNES version!).

McRipper [PHP]
Rips 32x32 metatiles from Gens savestates of the very strange game McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure for the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive. Requires libripper.php to run!

Cripper [PHP]
Rips 16x16 and 128x128 metatiles of Speed Slider Zone from the split disassembly of Sonic Crackers. You have to provide the uncompressed data files yourself, place them in the same directory as the script, and make the output directories yourself. Requires libripper.php to run!
Downloadable Goodies
A forumware was attempted.

CTBBS was a forumware project between Char and myself. We forked an abandoned vBulletin clone called OvBB and attempted to improve and update it. At the time, for a pair of PHP programming newbies, I think we got something halfway decent out of it. However, we got burned out badly nearing beta 1.0, and never finished the ModCP nor the installer. Then Char left the internet and I never heard from him again... This project was unearthed and used as a temporary forum for Sonic Fan Games HQ, where it was discovered that there are actually a lot of deep problems with the code. In particular, the CAPTCHA implementation was broken by modern bot software, and could not prevent bots from registering and flooding the forum. It also seems to break wildly on certain web browsers. As such, I do not recommend using this in a public production environment, but if you need something light for a private discussion board that can use SQLite, maybe this might work?

Click here for the Sourceforge Project Page!

Downloadable Goodies
Relic Hunter
Also known as Touchstone's Quest in Europe due to trademark issues.
Relic Hunter

Relic Hunter is an original game I created in Multimedia Fusion 2 for a game jam on Something Awful back in 2012, with Naoshi providing the player and enemy graphics, and Xezton composing the soundtrack and generating the sound effects. It is an early 80's-inspired arcade platformer, in which the player - taking the role of Touchstone the explorer - has to keep a ball-shaped golden relic out of the hands of the enemy - a very surly stone golem. Players can move the relic around and drop it, as well as throw rocks to activate wall switches or stun the golem. To progress to the next stage, the player has to locate the four key stones - the flashing gems - and bring the relic to the door. The gems are selected at random to provide variety. I really enjoyed making this game, though it is quite rough around the edges. Naoshi and I are looking at remaking the game from scratch in something else to make it more polished, and I have plans for a sequel, along with some other things for this IP...

Click here to download the game! [4.8MB][ZIP]

Downloadable Goodies
Sonic Worlds Delta
Casual players can't tell the difference between Worlds Delta and official Genesis gameplay!
Sonic Worlds Delta is the current mainline branch of Damizean's Sonic Worlds game development toolkit for Multimedia Fusion 2. Previously maintained by LarkSS and MCKaosu for use in Sonic Zero, I have taken over as lead maintainer and have produced several major updates, adding new core features and integrating contributions from the community. However, Sonic Worlds Delta is not being maintained actively, as Clickteam is working to bring out a new version of their Fusion game creation IDE that breaks backwards compatibility; I and the core contributors of Worlds Delta are instead waiting for Fusion 3 so we can create a rewrite of the engine that eliminates some long-standing bugs and limitations inherited by Damizean's original works. Regardless, the current version of Worlds Delta is very usable for fangame projects, or for original games. Freedom Planet uses Worlds Delta 1.3.0 as a base!

Click here to read more at the official thread on Sonic Retro!

Downloadable Goodies
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